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What's here to help you as a Hospital Security Director?

Being here with peers will keep you current,
get you recharged, help you source strategically, and make you even more prepared for every issue your hospital faces.

  • Networking. The Forum's uniquely intimate, comfortable setting lets you connect with peers over candid, real-world conversation. There's time to share the same struggles you face with people just like you. You probably don't get this chance very often, but it's worth every moment.

  • Swapping Ideas. We're pretty sure that, in this group of fifty thought leaders, there's someone who has figured out how to solve that problem you're currently wrestling with.
        All it takes is a chat at dinner, a conversation over drinks, or time at one of our 'speak freely' roundtable sessions for you to get that answer someone has already found.
        You'll also get to benchmark your spend, your staffing, and your policies to see how they align with what others do.


  • Sourcing Strategically. We'll introduce you to a curated group of the best vendors for every hospital security need.         Compare all the options for video, visitor management, staff protection systems, parking lot needs, infant security, access control, hardware, drug diversion and so much more. This is where you'll see what's new and preview technology you've never seen until now.
         Our setting, with none of the chaos and mayhem of an expo, lets you do deep-dives and carefully choose which providers can best meet your own needs and specs.

  • Seeing What Others Are Using. The added bonus? You can weigh your sourcing choices with dozens of other hospitals. Talk candidly with security leaders about their experience and recommendations.
         With so many options and limited funding for your security spending, it's key to know what others have found works- and what doesn't.

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