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Why Sponsor?

  • No Uncertainty. No other kind of event can tell you who will be there and what time you’ll meet with them. At a trade show, it’s all up to chance. Here, it’s guaranteed.

  • Timed to Purchasing. Our delegates use us as resource, and they come with plans & budgets in hand. You’re with them at the moment they’re making decisions.

  • Convenience. You pay just one price; never a surprise or hidden fee. No booths, no shipping. Just walk in ready to talk to your future customers; we’ll handle the rest.

It’s focused, it’s productive, it makes sense

The Hospital Security Forum is a unique kind of selling event, designed specifically for you to connect with Hospital buyers I It’s an intimate, private “selling retreat,” where you and your prospects talk business in a relaxed, productive setting.

Hospitals come here to buy

The Forum accepts just 50 select Hospital Security buyers who’ve come to source what they need. They come with plans in hand, looking to choose products and suppliers. 

You’ll have access to every company, for small group demos, one-on-one dialogues, and chats at dinners & events. It’s an unmatched chance to  demonstrate and sell your solutions to an audience that’s ready to spend.

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